Airheads Taffy & Candy

These days taffy is created from butter, corn syrup and some glycerin. If you get the regular brands that can be found in a store, like the Laffy Taffy or the ones created by Airheads, they will most likely have palm oil inside, instead of butter.

The taffy is generally something found in the US. If you visit another country, the chances of finding sweets called taffies aren’t very high. However, you might be able to find some taffy like sweets that are called Chewits, Now and Later or Starburst.

Airheads Taffy & CandyIf you don’t know what the Airheads are, you should know that they are elongated strips (not circular blobs as others are), which contain taffy and can be chewed. They are very appreciated for their flavor that is sweet. Many people love them since they were kids, because it can be a great snack, when you’re not looking to eat a candy bar or something filling.

The latest Airheads to be launched are the Pops, and they have a good shot at being pretty good. In general the Airheads candies are very good, with a nice flavor. When you get a lollipop, its flavor is probably the most important thing, so the Pops have a good chance at being great candy.

The Blue Raspberry flavor might seem a bit similar to the Dum Dums candy. They come with a dark blue color. Compared with other candy with the same flavor, this one is a bit tart, but it’s not sour. The flavor isn’t very sweet, so it’s enjoyable because it is mellow, even if you don’t usually like this flavor. You might be surprised by the length of time that the flavor lasts.

Another flavor that isn’t sour, just a bit tart, is the strawberry. Tasting it will give you a floral/strawberry note, and it tastes like jam or syrup. It’s pretty much like eating a Sour Punch strawberry, without the part with the sour powder.

The watermelon flavor is artificial and strong, and it mimics the Airheads taffy flavor. You can probably compare it with the taste of a Hubba Bubba.

The apple flavored piece of candy also reminds you of the normal Airheads version, while being less sour and sweeter, just like a Charms Blow Pop is. You will receive the same type of flavor when you drink an apple juice from Granny Smith.

The cherry flavor is woodsy and tart, which causes people to compare them with Cherry Heads candy. This candy has a taste that has a twist of a cough syrup, staying strong but not too much.

Many people love the most the grape flavor. You will notice that it’s the same as with a Bazooka Joe when it comes to the flavor. It has a nice balance between grape jam and juice.

Overall, if you try the Airheads Pops candy, you will probably love it. Some flavors will probably be more enjoyable than others, but you will probably not find any of them unlikable. You will probably love the classic flavor, as long as you prefer the chewy candy, to the harder version. If you want something harder, you probably enjoy lollipops as well. Each of these has only twenty five calories, so it can be a great add-on for your diet, without helping you gain pounds.