Candy Gift Baskets

Whatever the occasion might be, candy gift baskets are a great way to show others that you care. You can use them during Valentine’s Day and you can offer them for birthdays, and they’re still appreciated by most people. You can give them to friends, colleagues and to family members.

To create it yourself, start by adding filler inside. Use tissue paper or paper grass, to make the base of the basket. If you want a certain theme (like pink for Valentine’s, or green/red for Christmas) for your basket, use paper that is colored the way you need it.

Candy Gift BasketsAfter the base is created, put candy in the basket. You can vary the types of candies, to get a fun basket. You can use different sizes for the candies and you can glue the candy bars together with a little bit of glue. Don’t use too much, since you don’t want it to be too sticky.

Next, wrap it all with some cellophane, either colored or clear. For the holidays, you can use colored varieties. For example, if it’s Easter you can use yellow cellophane, and if it’s Valentine’s you can use pink.

The next thing is adding a ribbon or a bow to the basket. Consider this a must on any type of gourmet gift basket.  If you use cellophane to wrap the basket, use a ribbon to tie the cellophane’s gathering. If you don’t want cellophane on the basket, use a bow, tied around the basket’s handle.

Finally, put a card in the basket. You can buy a card, or you can make it yourself. If it’s handmade, you can use markers or rubber stamps to brighten the card up. The card should have a personalized message inside.

You should get the candies that are on sale, to avoid spending too much money. Another possible choice is getting them from Costco or Sam’s Club, in bulk.

Pros of making your own candy gift baskets

First of all, making your own candy gift basket will allow you to save a lot of money. You can choose the ingredients that go inside the basket, so you can pick items that are on sale at the time. One other good thing is that you can customize the basket contents to match the person that will receive it as a gift. Maybe they enjoy Licorice and Necco Wafers, or cigars made out of bubble gum. Or, maybe the enjoy a candy that people enjoy these days, like M&M’s or Snicker bars. Whatever they might like when it comes to candy, you can use it for their basket, to get the maximum effect.

Cons of creating candy gift baskets

First of all, you need to invest quite a bit of time into the creation of a basket. You also need to go and purchase the candy that is necessary for the basket, and that’s time invested. Another thing is that you actually need the skill to create such a basket and make it look great.

If creating your own candy baskets isn’t something that you would enjoy, you can always buy one. This is especially useful if you’re a very busy person, or if you don’t know much about design. There is a good chance that a bought basket will look more professional than something you would make. The problem is that it will probably cost more.