Taffy Apples

If you’re looking to make a candy treat, you might want to try a classic that many people enjoy. It’s the taffy apples and you can learn how to make them below.

The ingredients needed to make taffy apples are two cups of sugar, one cup of cream, one cup of brown sugar, two thirds of a cup of butter, one teaspoon of salt, two thirds of a cup of corn syrup, a bag of apples, two teaspoons of vanilla, a candy thermometer, some popsicle sticks, chopped nuts and wax paper.

Taffy ApplesThe first step would be to wash the apples, dry them, and stick the popsicle sticks in their top. All the ingredients should be added in a big saucepan, then put on a medium fire, while stirring constantly.

Use the thermometer to check the mixture, until it gets to a temperature of 246 degrees Fahrenheit. Then take the mixture and let it become thicker.

As the mixture becomes thicker, you should remain patient. If you’re not patient, the mixture might drip from the apples. Every couple of minutes, check the mixture, until you realize that it has the right resistance. It is OK when the mixture clings from spoon, instead of running.

Finally, dip the apples in the mixture you just made, then leave them on wax paper so they can cool down. Enjoy your taffy apples.

Taffy Apple Salad

Eating an apple is known to be a food that is healthy, a pleasure to snack on, with few calories. It is also a mouth freshener that is natural and cheap. You know that old saying that you can keep the doctor away with the help of an apple consumed each day. It is also known as a fruit that lowers the risk of breast, prostate or colon cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Ideally, you should eat the apple’s skin as well, if you want all its benefits.

One of the best apple recipes which can be enjoyed is the apple taffy salad, besides others like apple bars, candied apples, applesauce, apple pie, apple cake, apple crisp, apple butter and so on.

Taffy apple salad is a great food to serve kids. It’s a great way to make kids eat apples. Simply put them in a taffy apple salad and serve.

This recipe is done for ten or twelve servings. The ingredients are:

– One egg, beaten lightly

– Twenty ounces (one can) of pineapple that is drained

– Half a cup of sugar

– One and a half tablespoon of cider vinegar

– One tablespoon of flour

– Eight ounces of whipped topping

– Four cups of apples that were diced

– Two cups of peanuts that are slightly salted

– Four cups of marshmallows

To make the taffy apple salad, put the marshmallows and the pineapple in a big bowl, cover it and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Use a saucepan and put the flour, the egg, sugar, pineapple juice and vinegar in a saucepan. Cook them and continue stirring until the mixture becomes thick and gets to a temperature of 160 degrees. After that, take it off the heat and let it cool down. Cover everything and put in the refrigerator.

The whipped topping should be put on the chilled dressing. Put the peanuts and the apples together with the marshmallows and the pineapple.